Thursday, July 14, 2011

More headwear...

Who could resist posting pics of recently made headwear when their models look this gorgeous!

Miss Georgia in her new beanie and scarf... will be 2 in 2 weeks!

Miss Lily... who will be 5 in less than 2 weeks!

This is what you get when taking photos whilst the small person is eating an apple.

I make the flower from this headband for most of my hats, it is just so pretty.
Details of the hats and headbands Raveled here.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New headwear....

Whilst I am gearing up to blog about SIT 2011 (which only happened 3 months ago) I though it best to just blog simply to get back into it... so here is some new headwear I have been making for my girls.

The owl hat is getting lots of lovely comments when we are out.

This almost 5 year old just loves the hearts!

This is one I made a long time ago and is one of my favourites. 
It is getting lots of use in chilly Melbourne!

Details of the hats and headbands Raveled here.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Hottie Challenge....heats up!

When I read that my friend Cass and her girls were joining in the group entry of the Hottie Challenge organised by the very talented CurlyPops I thought I should join in too!

I dropped mine off in person at Open Drawer on Friday morning.... nothing like a last minute creative flurry the night before the due date! Open Drawer is a beautiful place for all things hand made with a lovely gallery space upstairs which was showing amazing felt pieces by local Melbourne artists.

Note to self: Need to take the camera out with me more often to capture all the new and exciting activities in Melbourne!

The Grand Opening of the Exhibition is on Friday July 1st from 6-8PM and runs until 24th July.

Here is a picture of my entry. I have seen some of the entries and know that mine has no chance of being a winner... but a lovely contribution to a very worthy cause as all proceeds from the sale of the Hotties are donated to the Margaret Pratt Foundation.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sew it Together 2011 Name Badge...

Here is my finished product... minus the recipients name which is covered in a piece of felt. I am really happy with it - I hope the lovely lady receiving it is too!

As a Milliner who never has time for making hats these days unless it is knitted or crocheted & with all my blocks, straws, felts, feathers and flowers stored in the attic (I lost my millinery room over 4 yrs ago when Miss Lily came along) it was lovely to be making a hat again!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where have I been?

October was a big month - I turned 40 and celebrated at our favourite Thai restaurant with 10 of our closest friends. Both the girls had croup, I was so sick on my birthday I didn't take any messages of congratulations and spent the day in bed to ensure I would make it to my dinner! I spent some quality time in North Shore Private... Nothing like surgery for cancer twice in 12 months to throw a girl off her game! I have sternly advised my Gynae/Oncologist that if he can't give me a guaranteed 12 months warranty this time that I'm not paying his surgical fees again! Thankfully we both have a good sense of humour, I bring him a skim flat white at each checkup and we sit and sip coffee and have a good laugh!

Surgery in October put me out of the game for about 7 weeks - what would I do without my wonderful Mum who gave up her life to come and run mine for me. How lucky am I? Thanks Mum - we love you very much.
These precious little people have also been keeping me busy.

This photo was taken in August so Georgia has changed -
but they are so adorable I had to post it

In early December we went to Coffs Harbour for a long-awaited holiday.

Lily & Georgia at the Clog Barn

When we arrived home from hols we had a call from Guide Dogs to say they had a dog for us if JR was interested through their Pets as Therapy program. JR is a client of GD due to his vision impairment. So, 3 days later Roxy the almost 2 year old Labrador arrived on our doorstep and has been keeping us entertained ever since!

Between Christmas an NY my brother his partner and their 5 children visited from Central Queensland and kept us busy for a few days.

My brother's 5 children, Lily , Georgia and our dog Roxy on the side.

For the last 11 days these people have kept me busy. Big plans for lots of craft... not much happened apart from stuff with the little people. My big sister drove all the way from Central Queensland to Sydney a 2300km return journey with her 2 children to holiday with us - this was an outstanding achievement for someone that doesn't cope well in traffic!

My sister's 2 children & Lily preparing for the Crazy Cousins Magic Show

In 15 days my sister returns sans children/husband via aeroplane for another 10 days. There had better be a lot of craft going on - I have big plans to catch up on! There will also be a Michael Buble concert on 14 Feb and we may have to make another visit to Bar Italia in Leichhardt for more gelato!