Thursday, July 22, 2010

My thrifting fix...

I well and truly got my thrifting fix filled this week! After 2 weeks of being house bound with sick children I needed a trip to a couple of my favourite stores and here is what I came home with...

1. The Salvos.. these chocolate brown suede Jane Debster boots

2.Vinnies...  this gorgeous new black handbag, the Marie Claire Comfort cookbook, a Chip Maker, a pair of black Footrest high-heels for me, 2 pairs of great preschool shoes for Miss Lily - all this for just $20!

Apart from the price the best part about this shopping was I completed it on my own!! My MIL was visiting for the day so popped out shopping and then had lunch with a girlfriend and neither of us had children in tow... what bliss...

What I love most about thrifting is being able to go out shopping and come home (usually) having spent less than $20... you can't do that at Westfield!

I also love it when I walk in like I did yesterday and the lovely Vinnies ladies say "Where are the girls?" That is when you know you are a regular!

3. My local Council Cleanup...  at the house next door to Lily's Preschool was a box filled with this....and all 8 place settings in tact!

Then I arrived home to find this parcel waiting for me...

What a wonderful day!

I hope your day was wonderful too!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Party Central...

It is party central at our place... 

The sunroom is filled with all things pink, white and silver - lots of paper lanterns to hang in the bare frangipani and crepe myrtle trees, disco balls to catch the sunlight (please let there be sun on the weekend) and lots of crepe paper for me to make some beautiful flowers like these and a ton of paper to make some bunting like this.

Until I have lots of gorgeous pink party photos here is a couple of recent photos of the girls...

Miss Georgia... she usually has a huge grin although I have
trouble catching it in a photo.

Lily with her face painted after a friends 4th birthday party at her
favourite shop... Bunnings!

Lily doing a dance for us at Aunty Pam's 70th Birthday brunch.

The girls having lunch with their Gang Gang! Miss Lily couldn't say
Grandad when she was little and now the title Gang Gang has stuck
and everyone calls him that - even his wife!

Miss Lily after another 4th birthday party...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Where do I start with "yet to be finished projects"?

I am posting my "yet to be finished projects" so I can look back in the weeks and months to come on how much I have achieved... Not sure if I should list all of could be too overwhelming! Apart from dark chocolate my next biggest weakness is starting projects - and not finishing them.


  • Something for Mum (can't show it till she receives it for her birthday)
  • Bolero for Miss G (inspired to start this one by Retro Mummy) free pattern here
  • Bonnet for a friends new baby, pattern here
  • These gorgeous cupcakes and the Bunny Egg Cosy, patterns here on etsy from Little Cotton Rabbits

  • One of these beautiful Fairy Dolls pattern from Amy Gaines on etsy


  • A few hats of varying designs, see here and here
  • Some more of these gorgeous flower headbands, pattern from Just Toots on etsy


  • Portobellopixie Ruffle pants for Miss L, pattern here
  • Made it Perfect Hooded Jacket for Miss L, pattern here
  • Carson Ruffle Shirts for Miss L & Miss G, pattern here
  • Ruffled Nappy Cover for Miss G, pattern here
  • Reversible Popover Pinafore for Miss L & Miss G, pattern here
I am starting to get I think I will have to stop typing this list!

Where have I been?

Where have I been? I am about to be the mother of a 4 y.o and a 1 y.o. I am not sure what I have been doing whilst these gorgeous little babblers have been growing up so fast!

Here are a few before and after shots...

This is Lily in July 2006 when she was only 1 day old. I know she looks big, that is because she was! Born at 39 weeks Miss Lily weighed in at a very healthy 10lb 10oz (4.8kg).

Now it is July 2010 and this is Lily making these cinnamon rolls this week!

This is Georgia in July 2009 when she was only 2 days old. I know she looks big, that is because she was! Born at 39 weeks Miss Georgia weighed in at a very, very, very healthy 11lb 6oz (5.2kg) .

Here is Georgia in July 2010.

Needless to say we have decided 2 is the limit of babblers in this household. Who would be crazy enough to find out how big the next one could be?

In just over 1 week my babblers will be 4 and 1... I am so proud to be their Mum, they are such beautiful little girls.

Monday, July 12, 2010

First Post!

Well, after many months of being a serial blog stalker I have taken the plunge to create my own blog! The creativity of blogs I have encountered has astounded me - and taken up too much of my time!

My biggest motivating factor in creating this blog was seeing how the daily lives of other bloggers children was being captured in a beautiful and simple way - forever. I realised since having my second child I have struggled to capture both of their gorgeous moments on film and forget their funny gestures and mannerisms of months and years gone by.

The other reason for this blog is to remind me of the many wonderful things I contribute to creating each day.