Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New headwear....

Whilst I am gearing up to blog about SIT 2011 (which only happened 3 months ago) I though it best to just blog simply to get back into it... so here is some new headwear I have been making for my girls.

The owl hat is getting lots of lovely comments when we are out.

This almost 5 year old just loves the hearts!

This is one I made a long time ago and is one of my favourites. 
It is getting lots of use in chilly Melbourne!

Details of the hats and headbands Raveled here.


  1. How cute are those hats and how cute are your girls! But I must say I'm a bit confused reading your earlier post; are you now in Melbourne?

  2. Hi Vreni... yes we moved to Melbourne 2 months ago and at this stage we will be here for the next 2 to 3 years. I think it was 6 weeks from inital discussion to moving day! We are loving it down here and the cold is giving me a great excuse for the many hats I have been making! More pics to come in the next few days.

  3. The hats look great although it's chilly enough up here as well for hats

  4. Great to hear that you are enjoying Melbourne and it's cold weather and that you have settled in.
    Love the beanies (expecially the owl hat) I have a pattern for one here, really should make it for my hoot loving boy.
    We may be an hour up the road from you next year.