Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SIT 2012...the weekend - Friday

A little late...but much better than last years event which was never blogged!

A couple of weeks ago I packed up the backseat of the Volvo with way more luggage than one woman requires for a two night stay away from home and the boot was full with Sheridan's excess fabric stash, all the goodie bags for SIT and the Sunday Stencilling Workshop bags.

I headed towards the Hume with a carefree attitude, a tank of petrol and no-one else to please but myself for 2 whole days! How exciting!

Driving by Lake George I decided arriving into Civic in Canberra in peak hour with a full bladder was not sensible so stopped for a quick break. With breezeways at top and bottom of the cubicle it was the coldest toilet I have ever experienced!

After a quick check-in at the Canberra YHA I crossed the street to meet the other gals who had been on a shopping trip during the afternoon to Addicted to Fabric and Bison ceramics and finished at the lovely Shop Handmade with bubbly and macarons.

A pic taken at Shop Handmade just before I arrived. (Photo taken from Donna's blog)

Thankfully I arrived in time for a couple of these delights! (Photo taken from Gillian's blog)

I headed out to dinner all rugged up for the minus temperature with about 20 lovely ladies and we managed to find a Thai restaurant in Civic that could accomodate us which was located right next to a bottle shop...the dinner gods were definitely smiling down on us!

On they way back to the YHA the effervescent Kylie suggested we swing by a supermarket to purchase Lindt chocolate and a few litres of milk and then pop over to her car to collect the Thermomix!!!

Never before seen at the Canberra YHA is in-room hot chocolates!!!

Kylie working her stuff!
After a bit of room hopping and late-night fabric lusting/shopping whilst Megan sorted her sale fabrics across the floor...we called it a night before trasforming into pumpkins!