Wednesday, February 8, 2012

December/January Holidays... Part 1

To record our holiday antics and remind me how many wonderful activites we participated in over Dec/Jan I thought I would do a few blog posts.

Here is Part 1.

The start of summer hailed the need for some new nighties. I located a tutorial online for pillowcase nighties and a couple of hours later...Ta Da!!! Pretty nighties for 2 gorgeous girls! A couple of crafty gal pals have also been creating these in the past few weeks... here and here.

Then Grandma arrived in her new motorhome for a stay. When you hit the big smoke what else to do but head out for a cino...
Nothing as exciting as finding an Elmo ring in your cupcake!
Last day of swimming lessons for the term and Squirt (from Finding Nemo) made an appearance!

What a gorgeous way to spend the day...a backyard picnic with a lovely friend!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Exciting Delivery!!!

I knew after receiving a phone call a few weeks ago that this delivery was on its way. The courier arrived with it today! In the lead up to Christmas I saw the cute Reindeer Tarts advertised by Arnotts and subsequently purchased the required biscuits, made and ate the tarts and then completed 2 entries into their competition.

I won on both of them and this is what we received!

There are 2 lucky little girls here tonight!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Only 4 more sleeps to go!!!!!

Well the time has come for my biggest little girl to go to Prep (or for those reading in NSW Kindergarten). Why can't each state use the same terminology???

So Miss Lily decided we needed to have a dress up day to share some photos! And she plans to stay dressed this way until bed time!

Don't you just love the excitement in her face!
To go with the uniform we needed an art smock... not just any art smock but the most colourful one we could make! Thank you Grandma...

Then we needed a matching chair bag! Thank you Grandma!

Next to come was the matching swimming bag, library bag and pencil case!

And the last matching school items come courtesy of a size 12 uniform I found at my local Salvos... now chopped and sewn into hair bands and hair ties... thanks for the inspiration Karen!

Many more of these already made and gifted. Still quite a few to go...!