Thursday, January 26, 2012

A long time coming...

What is 6 months between posts? A long time!!! 2012 will be my year for a new computer and better internet connection so that outdated and unreliable technology is no longer an excuse for not keeping my blog updated.

Here are some pics from Christmas... my Mum, Sister, BIL, Niece and Nephew came to visit from QLD.

Look what Grandma made the girls for Christmas!!! Isn't it GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks Grandma...

Here is what my sister made them!!! Not the best picture as it is impossible to stand still when there are Hobby Horses as beautiful as these to be riden! Thanks again Aunty Helen! 

Many pillowcase nighties have been churned out here over the last month. Here are the cousins in matching ones for Christmas - gorgeous whether you are 2 or 13!!! Pillowcases found at the local Lorraine Lea Linen Factory Outlet for 50c... it cost more for a metre of satin bias for the straps! My nephew couldn't resist crashing the photo with his new fluoro orange sunnies! 

The kind of reaction you love to see when your 5yo opens her Christmas present! Twister - YAY!

These groovy little table decorations were made by my 10yo nephew! Isn't he clever. FYI instructions from BH&G 2011 Christmas magazine...

My FIL also made a brief appearance from Sydney on his bike for a few days before Christmas. Lily loves her new PowerWing Gang Gang... thank you!

My girls with their favourite boys...
Bye Gang Gang... see you again soon!


  1. yay welcome back :) look forward to reading more.

  2. How lucky are your girls to have a cubby house like that! What a clever Grandma! xx

  3. Oh that cubby is amazing Cath - clever Grandma - and the pillowcase dresses are lovely - they are almost too pretty to wear to bed.