Wednesday, February 8, 2012

December/January Holidays... Part 1

To record our holiday antics and remind me how many wonderful activites we participated in over Dec/Jan I thought I would do a few blog posts.

Here is Part 1.

The start of summer hailed the need for some new nighties. I located a tutorial online for pillowcase nighties and a couple of hours later...Ta Da!!! Pretty nighties for 2 gorgeous girls! A couple of crafty gal pals have also been creating these in the past few weeks... here and here.

Then Grandma arrived in her new motorhome for a stay. When you hit the big smoke what else to do but head out for a cino...
Nothing as exciting as finding an Elmo ring in your cupcake!
Last day of swimming lessons for the term and Squirt (from Finding Nemo) made an appearance!

What a gorgeous way to spend the day...a backyard picnic with a lovely friend!


  1. thanks for the mention cath :) looks like you had a great summer break. great photos. cheers

  2. Look at your happy smiley girls, your youngest one is so cheek-pinchable, love Posie

  3. oi!! you .... where are you my friend ??? what have you been up to?? xx

  4. Gorgeous to see you this weekend Cath, love Posie