Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SIT 2012...the weekend - Friday

A little late...but much better than last years event which was never blogged!

A couple of weeks ago I packed up the backseat of the Volvo with way more luggage than one woman requires for a two night stay away from home and the boot was full with Sheridan's excess fabric stash, all the goodie bags for SIT and the Sunday Stencilling Workshop bags.

I headed towards the Hume with a carefree attitude, a tank of petrol and no-one else to please but myself for 2 whole days! How exciting!

Driving by Lake George I decided arriving into Civic in Canberra in peak hour with a full bladder was not sensible so stopped for a quick break. With breezeways at top and bottom of the cubicle it was the coldest toilet I have ever experienced!

After a quick check-in at the Canberra YHA I crossed the street to meet the other gals who had been on a shopping trip during the afternoon to Addicted to Fabric and Bison ceramics and finished at the lovely Shop Handmade with bubbly and macarons.

A pic taken at Shop Handmade just before I arrived. (Photo taken from Donna's blog)

Thankfully I arrived in time for a couple of these delights! (Photo taken from Gillian's blog)

I headed out to dinner all rugged up for the minus temperature with about 20 lovely ladies and we managed to find a Thai restaurant in Civic that could accomodate us which was located right next to a bottle shop...the dinner gods were definitely smiling down on us!

On they way back to the YHA the effervescent Kylie suggested we swing by a supermarket to purchase Lindt chocolate and a few litres of milk and then pop over to her car to collect the Thermomix!!!

Never before seen at the Canberra YHA is in-room hot chocolates!!!

Kylie working her stuff!
After a bit of room hopping and late-night fabric lusting/shopping whilst Megan sorted her sale fabrics across the floor...we called it a night before trasforming into pumpkins!


  1. totally jealous we missed out on the hot chocolates.....where were they to warm us up after the 2am fire call!! im surprised you turned up at all with all that fabric, i think i would have escaped the country :)

  2. Love your work Cath. I must get organised to do a bit of blogging sometime real soon.

  3. wonderful memories ...was great to share with you!

  4. Was such a lovely way to spend an evening wasn't it...fabric and hot chocolate, what else could you ask for?! xx

  5. So much fun!!! I hope to join you all next year.

  6. Oh just catching up, hello honey, gosh has it already been 2 months?? Love Posie

  7. Hello. I missed hearing about this when we were nattering. Sounds great - and I'll bet there were even GFS members among that crew.
    Just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet you and to munch on your delicious brownies for my morning tea. I stayed overnight in the city last night so there was no packed lunch. Your brownies were a real treat. - Kate.

  8. Hi Cath! Thanks so much for your kind comment about the yo-yo skirt. I'm so pleased to hear you made one too - they are lots of fun! I've enjoyed reading through your blog this afternoon, you are very talented and I look forward to coming back and seeing what else you have been up to. Cheers, Margaret

  9. Yay, another aussie, always please to find one here ... I'm in the Blue Mountains NSW