Thursday, June 21, 2012


When we arrived in Melbourne 15 months ago I had one person I could call friend who had also recently moved from Sydney. Just prior to moving the lovely Cass introduced me to Karen at Sew It Together Sydney 2011, we arranged I would call Karen when we settled in and organise a craft catch up.

Little did I know that Karen was in the process of organising a new craft group Stitch and Yarn (SAY) and I arrived in time to make the first get together. Over the last year through SAY I have been so priveleged to call these four women my friends. Karen, Judy, Cas and Wendy meeting through our shared love of all things crafty and thrifty has made my Melbourne experience so much sweeter and I can't thank each of you enough.

These very special women made me the most amazing gift as a farewell to Melbourne.

Can you believe it.....a quilt!!!!!!

This is made even more special as Karen described it "they crossed over to the dark side" as Judy and Karen had never quilted before! The ever convincing and extremely talented Wendy assured them a Wonky Stars quilt was achieveble and they secret squirrelled away on a few nights without out me to create the most coveted quilt you ever did see! Using their combined stash scraps of pink and green (my all-time favourite colours) the blocks were made and pieced together and then machine and hand quilted by these gorgeous gals! Some fabrics were even purchased right under my nose...on an Op shop adventure I commented to Judy the pink and green apron she just purchased was gorgeous...not knowing it would become part of my quilt.

Here are some shots of my reaction when opening this beautiful gift!

Gorgeous label made by Karen

 This quilt is...
more than a very generous gift...
more than beautiful quilting...
more than thoughtfulness...
more than crafty creativeness...
more than kindness...
more than friendship...
more than something to keep me warm on a cold winter night...
it is a beautiful representation of four amazing women I am so proud to call my friends.

Thank you...treasured forever.

Also, loving the panel in the centre back with pictures of all things Melbourne!

What beautiful gifts have you received from friends?


  1. Yay ... so good to see you back in this place!! We loved having you in Melb & I'll always consider you my friend ... thus the occasional 'no choice'!! Glad you love it so much xxx Miss you here!

  2. Aww Cath, being your friend is easy :) you're such a gorgeous,calm,funny,creative & so much more gal that making a quilt was the least we could do. You are missed,but thankfully with the world of WWW we will keep in touch :) looking forward to that visit to Sydney :)

  3. I was sure I had commented on this post!!
    I am amazed no-one has ever made you something like this before - you are such a good and kind person Cath and it was great getting to know you and spending time with you.

  4. Oh my god, that's awesome! I am so out of the loop, I didn't realise that you had moved to Melb. xx

  5. This is the quilt you told us about last night. It's so lovely. You're a lucky lady.