Friday, June 22, 2012

SIT 2012...Name Badge Swap

Sew it Together is an annual get together of craft-bloggers organised by the amazing, albeit very humble Sheridan aka Chaletgirl and her fantastic assistant Donna the Creative Controller. The first SIT was held in Melbourne in 2010 then Sydney in 2011 and this year it is was held over the June long weekend in Canberra.

Each year there are a few traditions, including the highly anticipated swaps. Prior to the event is a name badge swap and during the SIT weekend a sample swap.

This year the effervescent Gillian of Silly Gilly raised her hand to co-ordinate the name badge swap. Everyone is given the name of another person attending the event to make a name tag in specified colours. Colours for 2012 were red, white and blue. All must be kept secret until the recipient has received their badge.

My lovely recipient Susie of Yarnplanner is versed in all things yarn, a sewer and recently started quilting. When a woman can accomplish a pattern such as this what else could I do but make something yarny!

Here is the badge I made for Susie...complete with Perle 8 thread knitted onto toothpicks!

This is the beautiful badge I received from Lily of Cascade Lily in the most delighful package of pink and green (my absolute favourite)!

My model declared as we opened it at the Post Office..."Oh, mummy it is beautiful". She was right, thank you Lily - I love it!

More SIT Canberra 2012 posts to come!

What is the smallest item you have ever created?

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