Friday, July 16, 2010

Where do I start with "yet to be finished projects"?

I am posting my "yet to be finished projects" so I can look back in the weeks and months to come on how much I have achieved... Not sure if I should list all of could be too overwhelming! Apart from dark chocolate my next biggest weakness is starting projects - and not finishing them.


  • Something for Mum (can't show it till she receives it for her birthday)
  • Bolero for Miss G (inspired to start this one by Retro Mummy) free pattern here
  • Bonnet for a friends new baby, pattern here
  • These gorgeous cupcakes and the Bunny Egg Cosy, patterns here on etsy from Little Cotton Rabbits

  • One of these beautiful Fairy Dolls pattern from Amy Gaines on etsy


  • A few hats of varying designs, see here and here
  • Some more of these gorgeous flower headbands, pattern from Just Toots on etsy


  • Portobellopixie Ruffle pants for Miss L, pattern here
  • Made it Perfect Hooded Jacket for Miss L, pattern here
  • Carson Ruffle Shirts for Miss L & Miss G, pattern here
  • Ruffled Nappy Cover for Miss G, pattern here
  • Reversible Popover Pinafore for Miss L & Miss G, pattern here
I am starting to get I think I will have to stop typing this list!

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging:)

    What a list - Mine looks alot like yours - sometimes I wish that I was not so crafty (then I think again and think 'what would I do?')
    Looking forward to seeing some of them off of the WIP list and onto the completed pile.