Thursday, July 22, 2010

My thrifting fix...

I well and truly got my thrifting fix filled this week! After 2 weeks of being house bound with sick children I needed a trip to a couple of my favourite stores and here is what I came home with...

1. The Salvos.. these chocolate brown suede Jane Debster boots

2.Vinnies...  this gorgeous new black handbag, the Marie Claire Comfort cookbook, a Chip Maker, a pair of black Footrest high-heels for me, 2 pairs of great preschool shoes for Miss Lily - all this for just $20!

Apart from the price the best part about this shopping was I completed it on my own!! My MIL was visiting for the day so popped out shopping and then had lunch with a girlfriend and neither of us had children in tow... what bliss...

What I love most about thrifting is being able to go out shopping and come home (usually) having spent less than $20... you can't do that at Westfield!

I also love it when I walk in like I did yesterday and the lovely Vinnies ladies say "Where are the girls?" That is when you know you are a regular!

3. My local Council Cleanup...  at the house next door to Lily's Preschool was a box filled with this....and all 8 place settings in tact!

Then I arrived home to find this parcel waiting for me...

What a wonderful day!

I hope your day was wonderful too!

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