Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Party Central...

It is party central at our place... 

The sunroom is filled with all things pink, white and silver - lots of paper lanterns to hang in the bare frangipani and crepe myrtle trees, disco balls to catch the sunlight (please let there be sun on the weekend) and lots of crepe paper for me to make some beautiful flowers like these and a ton of paper to make some bunting like this.

Until I have lots of gorgeous pink party photos here is a couple of recent photos of the girls...

Miss Georgia... she usually has a huge grin although I have
trouble catching it in a photo.

Lily with her face painted after a friends 4th birthday party at her
favourite shop... Bunnings!

Lily doing a dance for us at Aunty Pam's 70th Birthday brunch.

The girls having lunch with their Gang Gang! Miss Lily couldn't say
Grandad when she was little and now the title Gang Gang has stuck
and everyone calls him that - even his wife!

Miss Lily after another 4th birthday party...

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  1. That brings back fond memories of little girl's birthday parties. The little boy's birthday parties, on the other hand, are a different matter all together and I'm not too sad that I won't be throwing those any more ;). Looking forward to seeing how your paper flowers turn out and I hope the weather gods are smiling on you on Saturday.